LIFE Chemical Ambassadors for Europe

New LIFE project detoxifies Europe's households

We generally associate hazardous chemicals with heavy industry and polluted hotspots in the vicinity of chemical plants. However, we encounter many hazardous chemicals even in our homes. This is because cleaning products, cosmetics, and consumer products are responsible for countless pollutants in our own households. From the products, the chemicals make their way into our bodies and the environment, where they sometimes cause irreversible damage.

An EU-funded project is now tackling this issue.
Become a chemical ambassador

The project is looking for committed volunteers who will help us reduce exposure to hazardous chemicals. The volunteers will receive training on harmful substances found in households. The knowledge they gain will then be passed on in face-to-face consultations to their friends and family. The goal of the project is simple: to inform as many people as possible about which products and substances should be removed from their households.
The range of substances used in everyday products is huge: from hormonally active substances in cosmetics, to toxic substances in cleaning agents, to billions of particles of microplastics found in almost every home.
The Chemical Ambassadors pay particular attention to products that can expose children to hazardous chemicals since growing children are at a higher risk for negative health impacts.
Change your habits

Topics also covered in the home visits: Buy less, but better - which seals and labels serve as a guide? How can proper ventilation and cleaning reduce your own family's exposure? In addition to the household check, the visited families and individuals are given many valuable tips for a low-emission life, for their own health and for a healthier environment. The project is funded by the EU through the LIFE programme. Participants are Germany, Portugal, Austria, Greece, Sweden, Poland, France, Czech Republic and Finland.
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