Mobilizing people interculturally for ecological change

  • About Us

    Environmental education for all of us! Our vision, mission and goals determine our activities.

  • Themes

    Water, energy, sustainable consumption, chemicals, nutrition, biodiversity and many more...

  • Projects

    Examples of how we bring ideas and goals to life.

Yeşil Çember advocates “barrier-free” environmental education accessible to all citizens in Germany. We raise awareness of sustainable lifestyles, especially among Turkish and Arabic speaking communities. For this reason we develop easily understandable and culturally specific educational materials, train environmental ambassadors, organize intercultural events across the country, run campaigns (e.g. as part of the German Action Days on Sustainability), offer nature trips, cooking and herbal workshops and much more.

Yeşil Çember is a member of  Berlin 21 e. V., SEND e.V., Gemeinwohlökonomie, SuperCoop, Generationenforest eG and Klima-Allianz Deutschland e.V.


Environmental Check in the Kotti district

Through a community garden, workshops and much more we enable people to achieve positive changes for the environment.

New LIFE project detoxifies Europe's households

Cleaning products, cosmetics and consumer goods create countless pollutants in our own households.

Consume smarter - live more pleasantly

The project conveys the positive vision of a better, climate- and environmentally conscious life with less stress through the reduction of waste, consumption and possessions and thus a small ecological footprint.

Schön wie wir - Environmentally friendly packaging instead of plastic bags

Advice and communication about reusable systems at the weekly markets in Neukölln

Organisations of migrants in participation settings of regions

NEZ's "Integration story of migrant self-organizations and migrant people"

Neukölln water district

In the Neukölln water district, we want to get as many people as possible to use tap water and ensure that tap water is always available in the neighborhood.

Together Fair Global

Many people do not participate in the Global Learning and Wellbeing for All debate. They are often marginalized, feel that they are not being addressed, that their opinions do not seem important or that they do not have access to the discourse on this topic.

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