Environmental Check in the Kotti district

Through a community garden, workshops and much more we enable people to achieve positive changes for the environment.

The residents around Kotti are exposed to multiple environmental stresses (noise and air pollution). Additionally, the public space is full of waste. Through several interactive actions they can spring into action for environment protection and justice.

We organise different hands-on activities (among other things district clean-ups, workshops, district walks), a “swap-and-give-away”-market and offer environmental consulting. In addition, we build up a community garden and develop a guide for sustainable district organisation. This is a benefit for local residents, initiatives, groups, institutions and traders.
We raise awareness for the environment for the residents who can shape spaces for environmental protection. That way, they learn to act environmentally friendly and are being empowered. Meanwhile, the garden is supposed to be an attractive meeting point in the district where different people can gather. There will be trainings for volunteers who will maintain those spaces after the end of the project.

More about the project on the website of the district management centre of Kreuzberg

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